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What Clients are Saying About our Service


Recent Reviews

Jenni -

“Would definitely recommend. Pauline is very knowledgeable and always responded quickly to my emails, she helped us to get through until we had our son's tongue tie division and she recommended the best (private) person for this too.”


" I cannot thank Pauline enough for the support she offered me with breastfeeding. I was in agony trying to feed and close to giving up after 5 weeks of feeding when I contacted her. My daughter wasn't gaining weight very well so we had to go for regular HV health checks and I was in unbelievable pain. She spotted my daughter had a posterior which had been missed by several other people and referred us to get it checked and sorted. She also gave me techniques to try in the meantime (and continue afterwards) to improve her latch and I now have been breastfeeding for 4 months, I now enjoy it and hope to continue for a while. I would not have made it this far without the support and advice from Pauline. Thank you very much!


"Following a tricky first week with breastfeeding I contacted Pauline for some advice and guidance as I could sense something was not right. Pauline got back to me within a few hours of me sending an enquiry and came to complete an assessment later that day. Pauline identified a tongue restriction and gave us a detailed care plan to follow. This included a further follow up, tongue exercises, an onward referral for cranio sacro therapy followed by a referral for a tongue tie assessment and division.... 

Claire -

“Had fantastic ongoing support from Pauline. No way I would have made a couple of weeks feeding without her and here we are at 7 months still going strong. Thank you!”



I cannot express how grateful I am for the support and guidance I have received from Pauline. I was at my wits end with breastfeeding and was ready to give up so buying into this service was really  my last resort after having confusing advice from different healthcare professionals. Pauline really helped me understand my baby's symptoms and gave me some strategies to help continue feeding her. As well as spending time with me in my own home, helping position my daughter whilst feeding and writing up a personalised care plan. Pauline has contacted me weekly to see how we are getting on."


Hannah Continued -

... Overall I cannot recommend Pauline enough. She really helped us at a very important time, she followed us up to make sure things were going well and I believe saved our breastfeeding journey. She gave me the confidence to keep going. We are now 9 weeks in and are hoping we can continue going from strength to strength."

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