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Feedback From a Client April 2022

I had a difficult breastfeeding journey with my first son and I contacted Pauline while I was pregnant with my second son, so that I knew I had somebody lined up to support me if needed. My second son was tongue tied and so I did indeed need that support.

Pauline was very responsive and offered an appointment the same day.

Pauline was friendly and professional. She did a thorough assessment and offered clear advice which has helped me and my son to improve positioning and latch.

I also arranged a follow up consultation a few weeks later when my son started suffering with reflux - again Pauline offered an appointment that day and I was equally pleased with the input I received.

Pauline has offered so much aftercare and ongoing email support which has all been valuable. Every time I have contacted Pauline she has been very responsive and has answered all my queries and concerns.

I have no hesitation in recommending Pauline if you need support with breastfeeding - in fact, I have recommended her to a friend which is about the best compliment you can get.

Gemma S

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