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Services we provide to facilitate breast feeding.


Antenatal Consultation

 The Antenatal period is the ideal time to begin your breastfeeding journey. Preparation before the birth ensures that you are prepared with the knowledge and skills to maximise the chance of successful breastfeeding experience. This can be a virtual or home visit.

Postnatal Consultation

The majority of babies are born knowing how to suck, but occasionally need support with latching at the breast in order to effectively transfer milk. I can offer home or virtual consultation..


Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

I am a practitioner, trained in the discipline of orofacial myofunctional therapy and understand the importance of strengthening the surrounding oral muscle structures and tissues, to support the tongue to regain its function post tongue-tie division.


Tongue-tie Procedure

Breastfeeding issues may be caused by having a tongue-tie (this is when the frenulum beneath the tongue affects the way the tongue moves) I can offer an assessment to determine if this is the case. If a tongue-tie is present, I am also qualified to plan and carry out the procedure to correct it.

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