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Lactation Consultancy

The majority of babies are born knowing how to suck, but occasionally need support with latching at the breast in order to effectively transfer milk.  By carrying out a comprehensive breastfeeding assessment and pregnancy, birth, and medical history to help establish an individualized care plan to meet your needs. 

During Pregnancy (Antenatal)

The Antenatal period is the ideal time to begin your breastfeeding journey. Preparation before the birth ensures that you are prepared with the knowledge and skills to maximise the chance of successful breastfeeding experience. This can be a virtual or home visit.

Topics covered include:

  • Benefit of breastfeeding

  • How to get off to a good start

  • Skin to skin contact 

  • How breast milk is made

  • How to position and attach your baby to the breast effectively

  • Birth and its effect on breastfeeding

  • How to know your baby is hungry/satisfied

  • Hand expressing/mechanical expressing

  • Colostrum harvesting

  • Potential challenges and when to get help

After Your Baby is Born (Postnatal)

I can offer home or virtual consultation that would include:​

  • A comprehensive breastfeeding assessment using a recognised tool

  • An infant oral anatomy and sucking assessment

  • Support with positioning and attachment

  • A  personalised feeding plan 

  • Expert advice on any breastfeeding questions you may have

  • Provide essential breastfeeding website links  and support group information in your area

  • Agreed follow-ups regarding your personalised  feeding needs


Antenatal visit

This visit usually lasts 60 -90 minutes.

£75 per consultation


Initial Home or Hospital Visit
This visit usually takes 90-120 minutes but will depend upon individual
requirements. This includes 6 weeks remote follow-up support.
£110 per consultation


Follow up Visit 

If you have an unresolved or a new breastfeeding challenge you may opt for a follow-up face-to-face visit. This visit usually lasts 60 - 90 minutes

£55 for appointments up to 60 minutes and £70 for appointments between 60 and 90 minutes


Mileage is charged at 50p per mile for journeys in excess of 25 miles.

Virtual Consultations

I would always prefer to visit you in person but I am aware that there are circumstances where this is not possible. If you have a problem or challenge that requires immediate help or if you live too far away for a visit.

£85 for 1.5 hour consultation, care plan, and follow-up support.


If you live in Birmingham, I can see you at the following clinic:


22 George Road,


B15 1 PJ

on selective days between 10am-5pm

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