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Pauline Evans

Certified Lactation Consultant

Myofunctional Practitioner, Tongu
e Tie Practitioner 

I trained as a General Nurse, qualifying in 1987, and subsequently worked in a variety of clinical settings which included nursing premature babies, children’s nursing and in general practice. I trained and qualified as a Midwife in early 2001 and, although no longer practicing, I use my knowledge and experience of birth and feeding practices in my current role as a Specialist Infant Feeding lead for an NHS Community Trust, a post I have held since 2010. In this role, I teach staff how to support mums and babies with all aspects of breast and bottle feeding and run a virtual breastfeeding support clinic. I also deliver training to practitioners around breastfeeding skills and tongue tie management, in addition to devising pathways around challenges such as mastitis and faltering growth in babies.

I have supported many mums and NHS staff over the last 4 years, utilising my specialist knowledge as a  lactation consultant to help with issues such as building milk supply, re-lactation, faltering growth, reflux, and recognising and treating various allergies. I have also progressed my knowledge in further training as a tongue tie practitioner and have a certificate in oro facial myofunctional therapy which means that I can provide more holistic, personalised, one to one care for babies having difficulties with feeding.

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