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Feedback from a client May 2022

Our son started doing green poos and we wanted to figure out why and stop them! Although there are several potential causes, a friend suggested it could be feeding related and that we should speak to Pauline for advice.

Pauline is very friendly, which made us feel comfortable from the start, and her communication is excellent - she was very quick to respond to our initial enquiry and continued to reply quickly to texts, calls, or emails throughout our case.

During our consultation, Pauline explained what she felt the issues were and presented a clear plan of action along with many tips and practical pieces of advice to improve my breast feeding technique. All the advice given was backed by evidence and clearly explained and documented in a care plan.

In our instance, where feeding technique was only part of the solution, Pauline adopted a multi-disciplinary approach and was able to suggest other healthcare professionals to help.

In the end, after 3 weeks, our son was latching a lot better, feeding more effectively, and his poos were yellow once more!

Thanks for all your help and guidance.

Marina E

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