"I know without her we wouldn’t have made it this far"

Pauline was an absolute saviour to me for helping with breastfeeding my first baby. He was born prematurely and we had a two-week hospital stay to treat him for jaundice and then for an infection. Because of this we didn’t get off to the best start with feeding and there just wasn’t breastfeeding support available on the NHS.

I wanted to give my son the best start I could and knew I needed to get professional help. I started to really panic when we were told he hadn’t gained weight and that’s when we reached out to Pauline for help with feeding. Pauline came out to do an assessment the next day and actually diagnosed a tongue tie that was missed by the Midwives and Health Visitors.

She is full of warmth and support, and absolutely the comfort I needed at such a difficult and transitional time. Having Pauline’s help has meant that four months on, we are still breastfeeding and I know without her we wouldn’t have made it this far. She helped us with positioning and attachment, looked at milk supply and suggested ways to improve this, helped us learn about expressing and top ups and looked at the bigger picture of our son’s health when it comes to feeding, including recommending chiropractor sessions. Our personalised feeding plan was tailored to our goals. The empowerment she gave me was incredible and just knowing she was always at the other end of the phone gave me such a sense of calm and security.

Pauline thank you for holding at the heart of everything that ultimately, we should be enjoying such a special time with our son.

Cindy S.

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