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We were at a loss Feb 2023

I honestly don't know how I can thank Pauline enough for her help with our LO. After struggling with reflux, multiple feeding issues and colic for 13 weeks (!!!) we were honestly at a loss. We had been taking our little girl to see a paediatric osteopath and had noticed some improvements tone wise but still struggled with feeding and by this point I had heartbreakingly given up breastfeeding on the advice of medical staff due to he reflux and ? CMPA. Pauline stopped us after our clinic appointment one day and asked if we knew our LO was tongue tied. She spotted this from across the room after we had been told by three medical staff that she wasn't and that some babies were just fussy. Pauline confirmed our babies tongue tie and advised us to get back in touch with our local feeding team to review. However my husband and I agreed that Pauline seemed amazing and we didn't want to let our baby struggle any longer than she had. Therefore, we booked the next appointment for tongue tie division.

Pauline was super thorough, professional and explained the procedure and examination to myself and my husband. She answered any questions we had and put our anxieties at ease, talking to us and reassuring us throughout the procedure. Following, she observed feeding and gave us exercises to continue to do at home to improve our LO feeding. I wish we had met Pauline sooner and she could have saved my feeding journey. But I honestly can not thank her enough for her kindness, skill set and knowledge. Hopefully things will be on the up from here onwards. And its so lovely to see our LO tongue bobbing out and hear her babble away with all the freedom from her new tongue brings.

I can not recommend Midlands Infant Feeding enough!

Pauline you are a god send.

Thank you!


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