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thank you again for all of your help.October 2022

After 3 months of exclusively breastfeeding with a missed tongue tie, the Midlands Infant Feeding team was finally able to provide me some answers. I had consulted with 3 private lactation consultants, numerous of nhs workers, and I was only able to continue breastfeeding with the Midlands Infant Feeding’s help - and hope!

I also found the general aspect of latching and other breastfeeding issues outside of tongue tie in this service to be very knowledgable. The ongoing support received kept me topped up with tips on how to fix issues, gave me encouragement and the hope that things will get better.

Highly recommended; every baby that has any issue at all with feeding (initial weight loss, nipple pain etc) categorically needs to be properly assessed for tongue function. My only issue with this is experience is not calling them first

Charlie W

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